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PROPOSAL  |  Spiral  Woods

Major use: Observatory, Toilet
Total Floor Area: 50 sqm
Structure   : Wood

08_site plan.jpg

 “Spiral Woods”

1. Architecture unique to this place

     This is a plan for a small observatory and a toilet in a park rich in nature.

The site is in the parking lot just up the slope and has a view of the park.

A sidewalk extends in the park toward the site, forming an axis.

We proposed a spiral architecture based on the flow of people and the characteristics of the terrain.

The spiral starts from the axis of the park, and people climb the rooftop on gentle stairs to reach the rooftop terrace overlooking the square.

We planned a toilet with a light garden under the gentle spiral stairs, and by installing a terrace on the park side, this terrace can be used in cooperation with the park.

2. Structure unique to this place

     A swirl is created by connecting multiple wooden frames that are inclined inward. In the center of the swirl is a log pillar that serves as a symbol.

The material is abundantly made of locally produced solid cedar, and the characteristic swirl shape realizes the toilet that is loved by the region.

Locally produced materials will be used for handrails, toilet booths, and wash counters to create a space full of warmth of wood and improve the yield of the woods.


3. Toilet where you can feel nature

     There is a word "green black hair" in Japan. It is a word that compares beautiful and glossy black hair to a fresh forest.

Surrounded by fresh forest, the toilet is wrapped in a wooden V-shaped louver like weaving black hair.

When rainwater flows from the roof to the ground, it passes through the valleys of the V-shaped louvers and the water path is visualized.

By adjusting the angles and pitches of the louvers, it is possible to capture wind and light while blocking the line of sight from the outside. This outer wall has that mechanism that allows you to feel nature.


     In this way, we discovered the structure and space unique to this place and proposed an architecture that coexists with the surrounding environment and nature.

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