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Selected Works at Nihonsekkei


​※Main Works I took in charge

Photo1~7 by Photolibrary

Photo8,9 by Masaki Suzuki

COREDO Muromachi2(Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building)・ Fukutoku Shrine  Photo1~5

Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Major use: Residence(Rental apartment,

     Service apartment), Office, Cinema

     complex, Restaurant, Retail, Shrine,

     Parking, Bicycle parking, Storage for

     emergency supplies

Completion: 2014

Total Floor Area: 62,472sqm

Structure: Steel, SRC, RC

Floors: 22F / 4BF

Awards: Good Design Prize, The City

     Planning Institute of Japan Prize,

     Japan Building Contractors Sciety

     Prize, The Illuminating Engineering

     Institute of Japan Prize, The Japan

     Institute of Architects Prize, Land

     Using Model Prize

Magazines: Shin-kenchiku April 2014,

     Shin-kenchiku December 2014,

     Shouten-kenchiku July 2014,

     Kindai-kenchiku April 2014

Books: JIA Architectural Record 2015,

     Archives of the Nihonbashi Muromachi

     East District 2016 (by Shin-kenchiku)

Paper: "The revitalization of the city's

     liveliness -The Nihonbashi Revitalization

     Plan" Presentation for the Congress of

     Architectural Institute of Japan 2017

Sakata City Hall Photo6

Location: Sakata-shi, Yamagata

    prefecture, Japan

Major use: City Hall (Counter,

    Office, Congress, Assembly

    hall, Parking, etc.)

Completion: 2017

Total Floor Area: 14,874sqm

Structure: RC, S, Base isolated


Floors: 8F / 1BF

Awards: Grand Prize for Design

    Proposal, Good Lighting


Magazines: Kindai-kenchiku

    May 2018

Tokyo Midtown Yaesu  Photo7~9

Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Major use: Hotel, Office,

    Elementary school, Retail,

    Restaurant, Bus terminal, etc.

Completion: 2022

Total Floor Area:

    approx. 290,000sqm

Structure: Steel, SRC, RC

Floors: 45F / 4BF    

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