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Pop-up gallery in Ginza


Location: Ginza, Tokyo

Major use: Pop-up store

Completion: September, 2019

                       (Not exist now)

"Big roof on the table"


        This project is a pop-up store for a shoes brand held at the men's shoes section of Ginza Mitsukoshi. In a limited exhibition space, it was an attempt to simultaneously display the Negroni shoes which are products, and the photographs taken by T. T. Tanaka, a photographer who traveled around the world wearing Negroni shoes.


        In order to create a height and angle that makes it easy for visitors to find photos and view them in the absence of an exhibition wall, and to make the gallery easy to carry in and out, and set up in a short time due to the characteristics of the pop-up store, we came up with a method of adjusting the angle on site by sandwiching the photos between the acrylic plates and attaching hinges to them in advance.

        The acrylic plate that sandwiches the photos was hinged like a gable roof, and then it was further hinged to the acrylic plate that would be the shoe stand so that the eaves would come out from there. The finished acrylic roof would be shaped like a Ryo-nagare-zukuri structure seen in Japanese shrine architecture's roof, and if pillars were erected, the desk surface would also be an effective exhibition space.

        By quoting the vocabulary of the roof of traditional Japanese architecture, regarding the limited exhibition stand as a small site, we created an environment where you could naturally see flat photographs and pick up three-dimensional products. However, we have realized a system that created a synergistic effect between the two experiences. The system devised here continued to be used in other pop-up stores opened later.

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