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House A -Based on memories of the City

Daikanyama Installation 2011

Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Major use: Art work
Completion: 2011

 (Not exist due to temporary exhibition)
Size: H4.3m×W13m

Structure: Steel
Awards: Daikanyama Installation 2011                   Judge’s Special Prize

Photo by Masaki Suzuki

"House A -Based on memories of the City"

     All places have their own unique history and special memories. The neighborhood of Daikanyama has developed around the core of the former Asakura residence. A big frame was installed on the boundary line between Hillside Terrace’s parking lot and the Asakura residence. Consequently, the parking lot became a space where people could appreciate the view of the residence as if it was a painting.

     At night the hedge around the house was lit up and the ‘painting’ assumed an entirely new look. This work attracted passersby of Daikanyama making them aware of the residence and putting them in touch with the history of the neighborhood.

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