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Kitchen M 

Location: Taito-ku, Tokyo

Major use: Private house

Project type: Renovation

Manufacturer: Basis

Photos: Masatoshi Mori

Island kitchen. The waist wall on the dining side is covered with a ceramic plate.

Dishwasher and rice cooker storage in the island kitchen. Grill and oven in the gas stove.

Adjust the position around the water using the original piping and realizing a large and elegant kitchen.

Cupboard. The right end is a drawer for cutlery.

The island kitchen has a symbolic design that plays a leading role in the entire LDK.


The island kitchen, lighting, and floor tile joints have been arranged to match the center line of the windows.

"Kitchen beyond function"

     We designed a kitchen for "House M". The plan before the renovation was to place a kitchen between the living room and dining room on the 2nd floor and divide the space. In this renovation, we considered the layout of the kitchen with the aim of creating an integrated LDK space.

     If you move it to the position of the water supply / drain pipe, the ceiling of the lower floor will go down or the floor of the kitchen will go up, which will cause great damage to the space. Then, the position of the sink is inevitably needed in the center of the LDK. Taking advantage of this constraint, we designed an island kitchen that plays a leading role in the space.

     If the stove is installed in the island kitchen, the flow line to the back surrounded by the bearing wall will be detoured, and the ceiling will be lowered by the range hood and exhaust duct, which will not work. Therefore, the plan was to install the stove in the back so that it could be exhausted to the outside in the shortest distance. By doing this, the down ceiling is not needed, and the LDK keeps the outline of the space beautiful, and at the same time, a large and elegant kitchen is realized.

     Considering only the function of the kitchen, it does not require such a large space. Rather, some may want a more compact kitchen. However, the large kitchen is a lively place to enjoy cooking with family or friends, sometimes you can invite a cook, open a cooking class, or even bring a chair to study or work on the cupboard. , It becomes a place that goes beyond the function of cooking. In this way, we positively grasped the restrictions to renovation, and realized a kitchen that goes beyond the functions, not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of appearance, which can be used as a place to stay other than cooking.





15. Hall
16. LDK
17. Kitchen
18. Washing
19. Toilet
20. Balcony

※Hatching wall:Structural wall

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