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PROPOSAL | Kasane House

"Kasane" means 'overlaping'

  Location: Tokyo

  Major use: House

  Proposal year: 2021

  Site Area: 75.45 sqm

  Total Floor Area:  100.21 sqm

  Structure: Wood

"A house that overlaps areas"

     This is a proposal for a residential design competition. A home is a place where families gather and where individuals spend their time. “Kasane House” creates a generous space that allows various ways of gathering by overlapping each other's activity areas by stacking small spaces for each person around the center void. A place to gather with relatives and friends, a place for children to play alone, a place for couples to spend time together, a place to work or study. This is a proposal for a detached house that can realize various ways of gathering and leaving even in one space.

     There are various personal residences in the city. A city is an environment where you are not alone even though you are in your own place. The family unit is broken down to individuals, and each small place is piled up to create a single house.


     A space that allows for various uses, such as a place to relax on the outer circumference, a flow line on the inside, a space connected by a skip floor, a variable floor level and ceiling height, and a ladder leading to the roof terrace. For example, when using SOHO, the public and work zones can be gently separated by a skip floor, and the 2nd floor bed space can be used as a desk or storage, and you can refresh yourself on the roof terrace. Also, for writers and students who need a quiet environment, you can separate the relaxation zone from the concentration zone by sliding the curtains.


     Considering the relationship with neighbors, the open space and pilotis are placed facing the corners to create a gathering space where people can have a meeting, and the pilotis form a buffer zone between the house and the city. For the exterior, instead of installing a sloping roof for the oblique line restriction, stacking small boxes makes it an eye-catching street corner. Since the windows are at different heights from the ground, they create various relationships with the city.


"Structural plan"

     In principle, the required floor rigidity is ensured by connecting columns with through columns and skip floors with double beams with structural plywood. By arranging load-bearing walls in a well-balanced manner around the perimeter, the area around the center void becomes an open space. By installing braces around the center void, the earthquake resistance is increased.

"Environmental facility plan"

     Efficient natural lighting and natural ventilation are provided by the spatial configuration of windows facing southeast, skip floors, and the center void. In addition, the chimney effect of the window at the top of the center void encourages gravity ventilation. In winter, heating is mainly performed in the living room, and the rising air current efficiently warms the whole living areas. The roof is easily accessible from the roof terrace, making it easy to install solar panels.

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