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PROPOSAL | Dotonbori Landmark

  Location: Osaka

  Major use: Public toilet

  Proposal year: 2022

  Building Area: 18.50 sqm

  Structure: Steel Plate

"Dotonbori Landmark"

     This is a proposal for a public toilet competition (unsuccessful) in Dotonbori, Osaka. Dotonbori has a vibrant urban landscape with clusters of small commercial buildings. We propose a landmark that is unique to this location, making use of the historical Ebisubashi pillar.

     Ebisubashi Bridge, the symbol of Dotonbori, is an attractive place where many people gather because of its characteristic shape. Using the circular shape of the Ebisubashi Bridge as a motif, the restrooms have a circular grid that spreads like ripples on the surface of the water, creating an attractive urban landscape that is integrated with the Ebisubashi Bridge.


     In order to realize an energy-saving and comfortable toilet, each area of ​​the toilet is segmented into a tower shape, and the difference in height allows for natural lighting and ventilation, realizing a bright and comfortable toilet. The tallest tower serves as a corner landmark facing the Ebisubashi Bridge, and the opening at the top promotes natural ventilation, and at night, the light leaking from the inside illuminates the city like a lighthouse in the harbor.

     Since the site is so small, we propose a steel plate structure with no pillars and a thin wall as the structure. By finishing the outer wall with colored mortar, it becomes a fire-resistant structure and a sculptural exterior created by human hands, making it a small landmark on the street corner.


     As consideration for the large number of users in downtown areas and sexual minorities, we proposed installing a genderless toilet booth instead of a men-only toilet, with toilet booths equipped with private wash basins to increase privacy.

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