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PROPOSAL  |  Azabu Proposal

Azabu-Iki-Iki-Plaza Design Proposal

  Finalists (Unsuccessful)

  Participated as a design collaborator

  for "Himawari Design" and "K.ITO

  Architects & Engineers Inc.

Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo

Major use: Elderly care facility,

     Recycling & cleaning office

Total Floor Area:  1,320sqm

Structure: RC

 “Overlapping (CASA-NARI)”

     This site is located in a quiet residential area, and we actively greened in front of the building in order to provide a familiar facility that is open to the community and that everyone would want to enter. The interior is designed with an open X-shaped-staircase and atrium in the center to create a space that overlooks various activities and induces interaction.
     The theme of the greening is "touchable planting," and we selected plants that people can enjoy taking care of, and actively used wood for finishing materials and furniture to make the entire facility a warm space.
     Recycled materials and new architecture, a place for relaxation and hobbies, cultural activities and exercise, agricultural work and cooking activities. They overlap, meet, talk, and create a sense of purpose. We aimed to create a kind of home for everyone.

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