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First-class registered architect office / Tokyo No.62988


Business Description

     Design and supervision of architecture

     Regional (urban) planning and site planning

     Strategic drafting service about areas and facilities

     Product design




Qualified Architect of the first class (Japan)

Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) member



1985 Born in Aichi prefecture

2007 Graduated from Tokyo University of Science,

            Faculty of Engineering

2009 Master’s degree, Graduate School of

            Engineering, The University of Tokyo

            Belonging to the Manabu Chiba Lab.

2009 Worked for NIHON SEKKEI, INC. (-2019)

2019 Established Masaki Suzuki Architects

Design Philosophy
We pursue universal comfort and design for a place where people naturally gather regardless of the scale and use of the architecture.


2011 Daikanyama Installation 2011

            “HOUSE A -Based on memory of the City”

            Judge’s Special Prize, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Books:  Published in Hillside Terrace 1969-2019

              All of the Urban village Daikanyama

2014 Completion : COREDO Muromachi2

            (Muromachi Furukawa Mitsui Building) and 

            Fukutoku Shrine, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ※

Awards:Good Design Prize, The City Planning Institute

              of Japan Prize, Japan Building Contractors

              Society Prize, The Illuminating Engineering

              Institute of Japan Prize, The Japan Institute of

              Architects Prize, Land Using Model Prize,

Magazines: Published in Shin-kenchiku April, 2014,

              Shin-kenchiku December, 2014,

              Shouten-kenchiku July, 2014,

              Kindai-kenchiku April, 2014

Books:   JIA Architectural Record 2015,

              Archives of the Nihonbashi Muromachi East

              District 2016 (by Shin-kenchiku)


            & OFFICE, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo

2017 Presentation of my paper for the Congress of

            Architectural Institute of Japan※

    “The revitalization of the city’s liveliness

              -The Nihonbashi Revitalization Plan”

2018 Completion : Sakata City Hall, Yamagata

            prefecture, Good Lighting Award ※

            Published in Kindai-kenchiku May, 2018

2018 Completion : Andanchi in Sendai, Miyagi

            prefecture (Interior design work of Multi-purpose

            welfare facility, Collaboration with AE5 Partners)

Awards: Good Design Prize

Magazines: Published in SOTOKOTO January, 2020

2019 Completion : Tea-factory in Jiyugaoka,

            Meguro-ku, Tokyo

2020   Completion : House with Sliding Doors, Chiba pref.

Award: K-DESIGN AWARD '21 "WINNER" award

Media: architecturephoto Nov. 05, 2020

             archello Dec. 09, 2020

             archiol   Jan. 03, 2021

※mean works at NIHON SEKKEI


2021 ARTPLAZA U_40 Architects Exhibition 2021

            @Artplaza in Oita-shi, Oita prefecture, Japan

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